Taking back the media is critical
to taking back our country.

You’ve seen one example, from our Citizen Watchdog program, of how a regular citizen — Richard Swier — heard about a something wrong happening and spoke up.

Drudge Report and FOX News

The result: his story made the Drudge Report and took off as a national news story, gaining national coverage everywhere from Fox News to Comedy Central, from talk radio hosts like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, and on local television news stations ranging from Florida, all the way to California.

Time and time again, we’ve seen the power of citizen journalism — whether it’s with the downfall of Dan Rather from the helm of CBS News, the resignation of Anthony Weiner, the federal defunding of ACORN, or the countless examples that are happening each and every day because of citizens like you.


3) Spread the word! Help us recruit your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to get involved in our efforts. We are in a critical time, and urgently need to recruit as many citizen activists as we can!

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